MURDER Mabel Diggle

The person responsible for the above is a Sarah Craig whose profession is not a branch of medicine.Bolton Metro are killing people on a biblical scale with something similar to the plague.The only way to stop this killing is for Sarah Craig to be hanged by the neck until she dies.Hollywood should make a film of this murder.Why was expert opinion in Salford denied to me from a man whose profession is a branch of medicine and who is an expert witness.In biblical terms Bolton Metro should be dissolved.Why were so many toxic people put in my way?The answer is they planned this murder for three years to make it look not like murder.Is Ann Collin’s mother, once an alderman of Bolton Corporation,still alive?This is one acid test.Murder is murder however it is dressed up even as 24 hour care.If 24 hour care means murder I will take the Crown.There are many experts who will support me in what Bolton Metro has done in the name of cutting edge medicine.Medicine in Bolton means “It will be a medical emergency when I break your kneck”

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